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Why Choose a Custom Home Builder: The Framing Walk-Through

As a custom home builder, it’s important to get a clear understanding of your customer’s requirements for their future home.

That’s why Custom One Homes takes its future homeowners on a “framing walk-through” during the construction process.

It might sound a little crazy to walk to ask people to walk through what is, at this point, a bunch of studs (as in the photo below); but this is a critically important step in the home construction process.

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This is the stage where Custom One Homes takes its future homeowner on a Framing Walk-Through

Here’s why:

This is the point where the homeowners can make important changes to their home design.

For example, Custom One Homes coaches its customers to bring along measurements, or even paper cut-outs, of key pieces of furniture.

Let’s say you have a beautiful hutch that you plan to position on one wall in your dining room, and you have an oblong dining room table.

Laying out the furniture within the framed walls will enable you to determine if you’re happy with the room size and determine where to place the light fixtures for proper positioning above the table.

A second part of the framing walk-through is reviewing the electrical needs in each room.

We go through each room in the house to discuss the location for electrical outlets, cable and internet wiring, and for the type and location of every light switch.

We do a framing walk-through with every customer because we can make revisions, change room sizes, and plan out electrical outlets and fixtures, without having to rip apart walls.

It’s another example of our commitment to excellent customer service.

These are just some – of many – advantages of working with a custom home builder.

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