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Tips and Tricks to Building a Quality Home – The Importance of Home Storage in Home Design

7640 Glen Alcove Woodbury MN-large-034-053-1500x1000-72dpiWe here at Custom One Homes of Minnestota know how stressful it can be to start building a new home. Because of this, we’ve started our ‘Tips and Tricks to Building a Quality Home’ series. This weeks post is on the importance of home storage placement throughout your home.

Important Design Element – Storage

An often overlooked aspect of home design is the amount of storage that is placed into the design. Additional storage space isn’t normally at the top of most home buyer’s with lists, but if there is a lack of storage space, or poorly placed storage, the home value is likely to decrease. A lack of storage space in a home design is an example of a badly designed home.

Here are some tips on how to, and why you should, build a home with plenty of storage space;

Bedroom Areas

Linens – Most homeowners, especially any with teenagers, will appreciate any additional bathroom storage space. A framed linen closet with shelving can hold a lot more than a simple cabinet. Additionally a simple framed linen closet with shelving will often be lower in cost compared to other types of linen closets.

Bedroom Closets –When building a new home, often the secondary bedroom closets are kept simple with double shelving where possible in order to save some of the budget for a much more elaborate system in the master suite. At minimum a small walk-in closet with a nice storage system should be included in the master suite.

Main Floor Storage Space

Garage – Garage storage generally comes in the form of simple shelving, elaborate storage systems, or attic trusses with pulldown ladders. There are plenty of garage spaces on the market, so adding a little extra space in the garage can go a long way.

Rear Foyer – The rear foyer is where the family will be entering the home most of the time, and as such, storage elements for coats, backpacks, shoes, purses, phones, keys, and such are needed here more so than even the front door. The storage space in this area could be cubbies and drawers, or a full walk-in closet, whichever the space allows for.

Pantry – No matter how much cupboard and counter space a kitchen has, a walk in pantry is always appreciated.. A walk-in pantry is a great example of storage done right.

Laundry – A laundry room should minimally have a shelf lined along the walls of the room. If you want to go the extra mile, add base cabinets and a countertop for folding. Often the laundry room is where home owners will store laundry related products (ironing board, detergents, hanging rack, etc) as well as use it as a place to store other products like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, and more.

This was only one building and designing a new home tip. If you’d like to read more tips check back at our blog every now and then, or if you’re a bit more impatient, sign up for our FREE planning guide where you can find this information and more! Secrets to Building a Quality Home.

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