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The Versatility of a Flex Room

One of our design criteria for our custom built homes is “Flexibility” – and that’s why many of our models include – an appropriately named – “Flex Room.”

Normally these room(s) are on the main floor – often near the front entry, or off the kitchen (or both!). They are “flexible” because the room can be changed as your family’s need change.

Here’s photos of the two flex rooms (one off the kitchen and one near the front entry) in our Ridgeway model, Stonemill Farms, Woodbury and currently featured in the Parade of Homes.

Flex Room in the Ridgeway Model in Stonemill Farms, Woodbury, MN by Custom One Homes

Another example of a Flex Room in the Ridgeway Model, Stonemill Farms, by Custom One Homes, Woodbury, MN

(For more information about this model, Click Here)

This front flex room in the Berkshire Model in Dancing Waters, Woodbury, is set-up as an office, but can easily be changed for any use; this model also has a flex room off the kitchen (both photos below).

Flex Room in the Berkshire II Model, Dancing Waters, Woodbury, by Custom One Homes

Flex Room in our Berkshire Model, Dancing Waters, Woodbury, by Custom One Homes

(For more information about this model, Click Here.)

For the family with small children, the flex room often becomes the kid’s play room. It’s a great way for the kids to be close by while fixing dinner, yet confines the toys to one room.

Or, perhaps you want to hire a nanny or caregiver. The flex room can easily be converted into a private suite simply by adding a closet.

As life progresses – you might have a need to care for an elderly parent who can’t easily navigate the stairs. Once again, use the flex room as a main floor bedroom.

Home offices are another use for a “flex room.” If you frequently meet with clients at your home office, use the flex room at the front of the house.

If you prefer a home office that is secluded from family traffic, but close to the coffee maker – choose a flex room near the kitchen.

(Our Ridgeway model in Stonemill Farms, Woodbury, and our Berkshire model in Dancing Waters, Woodbury, both have two flex rooms – so you have even more options!)

Here’s another idea…

If you have a special hobby or craft – maybe you’re a quilter, or have a model train collection – now you can turn your flex room into the special place where you can spend time.

Are you a book lover? Add some bookshelves and a comfy chair, and now your flex room has turned into your special place to dive into the latest best seller.

Perhaps you entertain a lot, and have overnight guests. Your flex room can also be converted into a guest room to provide privacy, both for your guests and your family.

Most parents and children don’t want to watch all the same television shows. Turn your flex room into a television room for the kids – and there will be no more fighting over the remote…

Another option – make your flex room into a homework and computer room. It will be much easier to help your kids with their homework and cook dinner all at the same time.

These are just a few examples to get your creative juices moving. As you can see, a flex room can provide so many options for your entire family.

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