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Stonemill Farms Homeowners find the right fit with Custom One Homes

Jodi and Tom have always liked Custom One Homes’ product; they just weren’t sure it was in their price range.

They had been looking to build a new home for more than two years but with the shaky economy, their search was pretty much on-again, off-again. During all that time, they were convinced of one thing — they wanted to live in the Stonemill Farms community. They already lived close by and their kids went to school in the neighborhood, so they were impressed by all of the amenities.

When they were sure the time was right, they began looking at builders, and Custom One Homes was always at the top of their list. “We’re impressed by everything about Custom One,” says Jody, “the woodwork … the finishes … you can just feel it the moment you walk in.” As they started comparing prices and products, they just knew Custom One was the right fit. Only then did they discover what a positive experience it could be.

Tom and Jodi were not new to home building. They built their last home and started this process with eyes wide open. “We built a home before, so we expected there would be problems along the way,” says Tom. “We knew we had to be flexible. Issues would come up. Changes would have to be made on the fly. But that never happened with Custom One. We were pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything worked.”

Crediting the staff for their outstanding working relationship, Jodi and Tom were in touch with new home specialist, Rob Fritz and client relations’ expert, Cheryl Mann on a daily basis. “I’m very big on staying in touch,” says Jodi. “And we were always in the loop. Both Rob and Cheryl really took care of us. In the end, we became part of the Custom One family. In fact, we continue to do things with them on a regular basis, and we really appreciate that.”

Custom One Homes Owner, Mike Rygh, was also crucial to the success of the project. He was on site regularly, answered questions thoroughly and helped figure out how to bring their ideas to fruition.  “We had some very specific and unique requests,” says Tom. “And Mike never made us feel as though we were a burden. In fact, he gave us the impression that we were his easiest customers. That gave us an outstanding comfort level.”

“We also discovered that problems were resolved that we didn’t even know were there,” says Tom. “Mike would see a potential problem or flaw, and remedied it immediately. Time frames never got moved and prices never changed. Everyone always made us feel good about our new home. It was very apparent that they wanted us to be truly happy with the results.”

When asked about the best part of their building experience, Jodi didn’t hesitate. “Overall our experience with Custom One has been fabulous. The attention to detail, meeting timelines, the move-in date coming true — they are all important aspects of the building process.”

Tom agreed. “If I had to use one word to describe our building experience, it would be ‘easy.’ We’ve done it before and it was stressful. Custom One always made us feel like we were top priority. We have a house we love and we plan on staying here for a long, long time.”

If you’re interested in building a home, please feel free to visit with one of our helpful new home specialists…

Jeremiah Rygh, New Home Specialist

Cell (651) 592-6211



Rob Fritz, Lifestyle Improvement Coach

Cell (651) 248-5491


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