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Playful and Personalized Kids Spaces

One the most appealing aspects of building a custom home is the opportunity to tailor spaces to your family’s unique lifestyle. For many parents, in particular, that means creating rooms and areas that reflect the interests of their children. There is nothing like the joy of watching your child discover the passions, talents, and activities that make them tick; every parent wants to see their kids pursue what they love.

Since no family or child is the same, it’s no wonder we’ve seen every variety of playful and personalized kids space under the sun. Whether designing a studio suited to a Prima ballerina in training or a sports court equipped for a future MBA All-Star; from creative craft spaces to inspiring playrooms to calm study spots; if you can dream it, we can do it!

Besides building bedrooms for future artists, chefs, and engineers, we also create spaces that facilitate that elusive parental desire: family time. We love designing places where families can relax and enjoy each other’s company; rooms ready for cozy movie nights, epic Monopoly faceoffs, and every teen’s favorite neighborhood hangout.

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