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Modern Design: The Pros of Open-Plans

Trends will always be rising and falling in popularity, but certain design shifts have an undeniable influence. The biggest home architecture change of the modern era? We would have to point to the progression towards open floor plans. Beyond being a matter of preference, open concept plans have become the new baseline of family dwellings. For proof, look no further than this article about them on Houzz – at the time it was published over 600,000 photos of open-plan interiors could be found on the site. Obviously, this trend has some legs if it has become so widely admired!

A huge majority of our clients incorporate elements of open-living into their homes. In essence, an open floor plan removes the walls that traditionally separated main level family spaces. Instead of closing off more formal rooms, these homes apply a distinctly holistic mindset to everyday settings. Open floor plans encourage free flowing, casual family time. As a result, a wide range of activity coincides in these multifaceted spaces.

Beyond increased community and interaction, open concepts are remarkably convenient. Parents don’t need to fret about kids getting into trouble in the next room anymore. With everyone gathered together, multitasking things like meal prep and homework monitoring becomes a far more achievable undertaking. The same goes for hosting guests – no one’s removed from the action!

Last but not least, flowing layouts look good. A lack of separation between rooms makes homes feel spacious and bright. Design choices also become more cohesive and harmonious; different areas truly function as pieces of a whole. We love helping our clients create open plans that reflect their unique lifestyles and tastes – peruse some of our favorite finished spaces below!

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