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Longing for Spring? Add some color to your home!

People tend to be nervous when it comes to decorating with color, if you want to do this but aren’t sure how to get started let us provide some information regarding how to use them, it could help you make your decision a bit easier, there is not reason why we can’t all inject a little more color into our lives! Each of these recommended colors pairs beautifully with gray or tan. If you pay attention you’ll start noticing combinations of gray & yellow, gray & orange, and gray & turquoise everywhere! Have some fun and try out pops of these combinations in your home.


custom one homes, spring 2013 color trends

Yellow Pillow at Target

This color has a reputation for being difficult, but is warm, cheerful and versatile. Start small… try accent pillows and accessories. Rich, bold golden yellow is actually easier to work with than the really soft buttery yellows. Go for a little touch of sunshine! We could all use some of that right now.





custom one homes, spring 2013 color trends


There’s no better way to add a vibrant burst of energy and boldness with this sunny color, but decorating with orange isn’t always easy. If you are painting the room with orange, use simple furniture. Otherwise, using the color orange on fabrics, side chairs, window treatments or small upholstered pieces such a footstool can make a great focal point. You can add interest by using patterned fabrics such as stripes or geometric prints.





This color, depending how you use it, can be bold, whimsical, dreamy or lively. It can certainly be used in traditional and classic rooms and also in contemporary, modern spaces. Enjoy the feeling of spring all year long by decorating a room in turquoise with a touch of lime green to compliment it.




custom one homes, spring 2013 color trends

Found on Etsy.com

This color has always been thought of as a traditionally feminine color, but the truth is that pink can actually be very versatile. It has the power to calm and relax as well as excite and vitalize. From blush to raspberry to coral to fuchsia, no matter what mood you want to create, there’s a way to do it with pink. Bright coral or hot pink are all the rave right now. Small accents in pillows, vases, or flowers are fun ways to pop your color scheme. These pinks pair very well with all of the other color recommendations listed here.



custom one homes, spring 2013 color trends

From MaterialGirlsBlog.com

There are few colors as fresh and rejuvenating as green. Green is the color of rebirth, renewal, and growth. It’s soothing, energetic and peaceful. For all these reasons, and more, decorating with green remains popular with designers, decorators and homeowners.

Interior Impressions can help you chose the color that is right for you. Our trained designers will guide and help you incorporate new life and color into your home!

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