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Lighting Trends: The Jewelry of the Home

One of our team’s perennial favorite topics of discussion is design trends. We love talking about what’s new in our industry, and what styles we’re seeing our clients pursue. Our favorite interior trend on the rise? Accent lighting!

The era of lifeless fixtures that merely blend into each room is long gone. Lighting now is all about adding a big or bold flash of style. We like to think of lights as the jewelry of the home; they’re a fun, standout accessory that lends a sense of personality to any room.

Overall, we’re seeing more and more homeowners select large-scale, glitzy, and dramatic light fixtures. However, beyond making a statement, lights are also an excellent way to balance spaces.

Whether it’s a different texture, color, pattern, or material that’s needed, accent lights are the perfect solution. Like the punctuation that structures a sentence, lighting can guide your eyes through a room or floorplan, seamlessly connecting separate design ideas.

Scroll through the images below to see our how our designers approach lighting throughout various projects. We think you’ll find their choices interesting and informative!

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