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Hearth and Home: The Magic of Mantels

The humble hearth has a long history of being the centerpiece of the home. Originally a necessity for heating and cooking, modern fireplaces have transformed from a basic need to more of a statement piece. All homes, with the rare exception, come equipped with central heating systems these days. Yet the fireplace remains the benchmark for creating cozy family spaces. It’s the quintessential welcoming backdrop.

There’s just a certain magic about being around a real fire. Nothing is more soothing than listening to crackling wood and watching dancing flames as a bonfire smell tinges the air. Fireplaces invite us to slow down, to settle in for a while and simply enjoy time spent in good company.

Fireplaces are not only a classic gathering place, they’re also an opportunity to showcase your unique taste, family memories, and treasured heirlooms. While the mantel is a time-honored design element, contemporary iterations run the gamut of all interior design styles! Browse through a collection of our favorite stunning client mantelpieces below. No matter the style, each of these fireplaces is a captivating design focal point!

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