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Feel the Difference of a Quality Built Home

Have you ever invested extra time or money in something and noticed the difference it made towards the final result? Maybe you waited hours for that beef tenderloin to cook to perfection or you spent a little more on a real leather bag that will last you for years.

At Custom One, we approach building homes with a similar philosophy. Our team believes creating something that stands the test of time is worth the investment. The moment you set foot in one of our quality built homes; you’ll feel the real difference craftsmanship makes.

Beautiful features and finishes make our homes memorable. However, there are countless more subtle elements working together in harmony that distinguish a Custom One Home from the competition.

We get it; the typical homeowner doesn’t get excited about things like plumbing and mechanical systems the way we do. (Building is our thing, after all.) But all of these less flashy details add up to make an exceptional home.

From high-efficiency windows that keep drafts at bay to top-notch plumbing and mechanical systems that serve as the backbone of your home to smart technology that enables even heating and cooling without wasting energy – modern building methods mean an easy, efficient, and enjoyable place to call home.

We understand if you’d still rather focus on selecting more fun things tile patterns, countertops, and light fixtures. After all, it’s our responsibility to focus on technical details and provide knowledge about our industry. Your job is to concentrate on creating a home that reflects your unique lifestyle.

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