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Creating Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

The summer is all about relaxation. Families hit pause on the routine and spend more time simply enjoying each other’s company. The to-do list is tossed aside, work can wait; summer was made for taking things slow. Lingering over lemonade and good conversation on the porch is an afternoon well spent. Kids giggle way past their bedtime as they roast marshmallows under the stars. Lasting memories can be made anywhere, but creating intentional gathering spaces makes more room for these moments in your everyday life. If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor oasis to your home this summer, consider the following tips before you get started.

1. Define Your Happy Place. We hope this goes without saying, but what’s relaxing to someone else might not be ideal for you. Creating your own outdoor, or partially indoor getaway (screens = no bugs!), is all about tailoring a space to your unique family. Whether you’re looking for a place to host hopping pool parties or a serene garden retreat, you should feel empowered to design a space that makes you feel happy, relaxed, and at peace.

2. Set the Tone. Once you’ve honed in on what kind of outdoor space you need, it’s time collect pieces that will help set the tone. For a porch designed for relaxation decorate the room with warm candles and outfit chairs with cozy pillows and throws. If your space is exposed to the elements, then focus on finding rustic pieces that can withstand a little weather and won’t show damage easily. Curate furniture and accessories around the vibe you want the area to project; whether you’re about barefoot hammock lounging or elegant candlelit dinner parties.

3. Plan Around Guests. One of the biggest factors to consider when planning any space is whether or not it will host guests regularly. Porches, decks, and bonfire pits are often built with dual purposes, however intentionally planning your space will be a huge asset for entertaining without a hitch! For example, if you know the deck is where you’ll host epic neighborhood BBQ’s, then you might prioritize creating a defined serving space, ample seating, eating surfaces, and leave plenty of room for mingling freely.

4.Keep it Simple. Furnishings on decks, porches, and patios are not the place to get too fancy. Certainly find pieces that suit your style, but don’t fret too much over nailing the perfect look, after all, this furniture is sitting outside. Concentrate your energy more on landscaping and custom built spaces – things that will hold up under the elements. Go ahead and splurge on that recessed, hand paved fire pit. Just don’t fuss too much on the chairs surrounding it, you may need to replace them next summer anyway!

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