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Converting Your Home into a Smart Home – Iris Smart Security by Lowes

Iris by Lowes isn’t just another smart home security option. It is a system that combines security with comfort. So, if you’re interested in converting your home into a smart home, the Iris is a great start as it will cover most of your needs.

Iris has 3 standard kits for you to choose from, or you can buy a hub and build your security system yourself. Whichever route you decide to go, you have the ability to add more products to your system as your needs change.

Unlike other home security systems, Iris doesn’t only secure your home, it also has the ability to add other smart features to you home. Your iris system could include video cameras, door locks, motion sensors, door/window/cabinet sensors, a smart thermostat, and a smart plug.

With Iris you can choose to simply buy the product and manage your home security through your smart phone or tablet, or you can purchase the premium membership plan and have the Iris team monitor your home for you. The basic plan includes basic control of your devices as well as email, text, or voice call alerts to the account holder if the alarm is triggered.

The three starter kits that Iris features are the Safe and Secure Kit, Comfort and Control Kit, and the Smart Kit. The Safe and Secure kit is $179 and includes the Iris hub, 2 contact sensors, motion sensors, a keypad, and a “Monitored by Iris” window decal. The Comfort and Control Kit includes the Iris hub, a smart plug, and the smart thermostat and window decal. The Iris Smart Kit is only $200 and it comes with everything; the Iris hub, 3 contact sensors, motion sensors, keypad, smart plug, smart thermostat, range extender and window decal.

Iris’ premium membership is $9.99 a month (first two months free), and gives you advanced control of your devices, email text or voice call alerts to up to 20 contacts if the alarm is triggered, extended video camera live streaming, recording and storage, voice control through the mobile app, home modes setting across all of your devices, and Iris Magic for configuring rules across multiple Iris devices.

With Iris you have the ability to control the temperature of your home through your mobile device. You’ll have the ability to lower the temperature when you’re leaving the house and turn it back up before you get back home.

With the smart plug you’ll have the ability to remotely power any electrical-based appliances on and off. If you’ve ever used a space heater you know just how helpful this feature can be. Now if you’re worried that you left something on before leaving the home you can simply access the device on your smart phone to double check.

With Iris, you’ll also have the ability to see, right on Iris’ app, how much energy you’re using! Now you can get an idea of what your bill is going to be before the end of the month rolls around.

Iris’ infrared motion sensors will alert you to any unexpected movement. The window, cabinet, and door sensors will send alerts to your phone if they are opened. If your child will be getting home before you, now you can rest assured that they arrived safely without them even needing to call you.

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