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Chef Inspired: Modern Kitchen Design

Interior design trends are certainly a reflection of their time. From shag carpets to wood paneling, pastel appliances to subway tile, each era’s major style touchstones are products of that culture. When it comes to modern interior design trends, there’s no doubt that the kitchen is the current epicenter. Why the kitchen? One only needs to look at the rise of chef influenced pop-culture for the answer. Food Network, cooking blogs, magazines, and Pinterest are all thriving hives of culinary inspiration!

It’s no wonder then that chef-worthy upgrades are popping up in more and more home kitchens. Today’s serious home chef is no culinary novice. It makes perfect sense that they crave kitchens that keep up with their level of skill! If your space is feeling ill-equipped to match your ambitions, read on below to discover our favorite chef-style, kitchen upgrades!

Ambitious Islands. We cannot sing the praises of well-planned islands enough – they’re the perfect catch-all kitchen space! Whether you need space for food prep, hidden appliances, organized storage, or a buffet area for hosting; islands are your best bet.

Designated Areas. Mimic the masters on this one and design your kitchen with different task-specific areas in mind. For example, if your island is veggie chopping central, then equip it with what you’ll need. Install a small sink for rinsing produce, store your knives and cutting boards there, and make sure the trash is handy for scraps!

Smart Storage. A classic hallmark of any restaurant kitchen is open, easy-access cookware storage. Whether you implement open shelves or hanging pots and pans, these simple solutions keep your tools at your reach when they’re most needed!

Personal Touches. If you’re going to the trouble of designing a state-of-the-art kitchen, then make sure it suits your needs. If you’re a master baker, then splurge on double ovens. If pasta is your passion, then install a stovetop faucet. If hosting is your jam, then go all-out on a custom bar. Do what works for you and your lifestyle!

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